You Might Like To…

You Might Like To…

A famous teacher and community leader (Thich Nhat Hanh) gives instructions framed as “You might like to…” What a transformative concept.

Saying “You might like to” instead of “You must” is refreshingly respectful and helpful. It’s not telling us what to do. It’s trusting us to find our own answers.

As teachers and leaders we might like to take the same approach. Telling your team or your students “You might like to” implies confidence that they will find the way that’s best for them. It creates space for people to honour and implement their own goals and methods.

It’s also an excellent attitude to bring to friends and family, especially teenagers. You’re essentially saying, “Here’s what I have to offer. I hope it helps, but while I love and want the best for you, the choices are yours to make.”

You might like to try this out. I’d love to hear your results. You can post on my facebook page or tweet me @LucindaAtwood.


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