Discover the path to heart-centered leadership. I’ll help you uncover your natural leadership skills and develop them using mindfulness, self-awareness and gratitude. We start by clearly defining your values, cultivating self-compassion and creating the courage to practice servant leadership. Scroll down for the resources to get you started, and a blog full of articles about leading from the heart.


Speaking and Presenting: Surfing the Shame Wave

You just gave the best presentation ever. You were calm, confident and engaging. The audience loved you! But then you sit down. Flooded with adrenaline, your brain works quickly, evaluating your performance—your dreadful, awful performance. In high resolution, your brain replays the errors, the omissions, that joke nobody laughed at. Moments ago you were proud, […]

Impromptu Speaking: How to sound smart and confident

Have you ever wondered how to give strong, confident answers in interviews, classes and meetings? Speaking without preparation is called impromptu speaking. We do it in conversations, meetings and interviews. Sometimes it’s easy and relaxing but if you don’t know what to say, impromptu speaking can be scary, and an opportunity to truly embarrass yourself. […]

Public Speaking Basics: Building confidence and competence

Most of us fear public speaking more than we fear death. Which is ironic because it’s an easy-to-learn skill that can greatly improve your life. Strong speaking skills will enhance your career, education and relationships — almost every aspect of your life. So why do many people never learn? Because they don’t know where to […]

Saying No: A beginner’s guide

No, non, nada, nyet—how we say no in different languages. Nein is the German word for no. Nein sounds the same as the English word nine, which means one less than 10. According to researchers, nine is also the number of times kids expect to ask their parents for something before getting it. Nine. Can […]

Speakers Toolkit: How to give great speeches & presentations

Being nervous when you have to give a presentation is normal—even experienced speakers break a sweat. Two things will help calm those butterflies: Remembering that this is not about you. Your content is the star; you’re simply delivering it. Preparation, which boosts your confidence. The 9 Steps to Successful Speeches & Presentations will help you prepare and deliver […]

Teenagers: 15 Tips for Peaceful Communication

Sometimes it seems that all teens do is communicate—texting, instagramming, skyping. But when adults try to talk to teens, both sides often end up frustrated, annoyed or bewildered. How can we bridge this gap? First, Understand your Audience Consider what it is to be teenaged. Teens are in transition between childhood and adulthood. They look […]

Layout Basics: Making your document attractive & usable

Effective layout and formatting make documents easier to scan, read and use. Effective document layout improves your reader’s first impression of the document, expectations, ability to quickly and easily find what they need; and their ability to use what they found. 7 Steps to Clear, Useful Documents Write and edit your content. Then review your document, looking […]


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