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Tips and strategies to strengthen your public speaking skills.

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Learn to write easily, efficiently and well.

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Practical ways to improve your workshops & training sessions.

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About Lucinda

Lucinda Atwood is a teacher and writer focusing on Communication. She writes, leads workshops, and works privately with clients. Her pro bono work includes teaching public speaking and language skills to community leaders and new Canadians. Lucinda holds a Master of Arts in Learning and Technology.

When not teaching or writing, Lucinda indulges in her love of public speaking, photography, painting, cooking and gardening. She lives and works in Vancouver Canada.



Learn practical skills and strategies in a supportive atmosphere with immediate positive and useful feedback. Workshops typically include 2-20 participants and are offered as 2-hour, half-day or full-day programs. Custom workshops designed to meet your group’s unique needs and context are also available. Please contact me for more information.

Speaking & Presenting Workshop

Feel fear diminish as you uncover and develop your natural skills. Learn and practice public speaking skills and presentation strategies in a safe, positive environment with immediate, useful feedback. Topics include voice management, body language, stage presence, content organization, handling Q & A sessions, and self-evaluation.

Teaching & Training Workshop

Learn how to make your workshop or training session stand out in this fast-paced workshop. Through discussion, practical exercises, and hands-on practice with immediate applicable feedback, participants learn how to plan and design their program, organize their content, create engaging learning activities, and deliver memorable, engaging sessions.

Writing Workshop

Bring what you’re working on! Practice clear, effective writing as you learn strategies for getting started, selecting & organizing content, writing in different styles, and formatting your document. Individualized feedback and focused content allow you to maximize your progress and skill development.

Individual Coaching

I coach clients as they develop their speaking, presenting and communication skills. Some clients take a long-term approach, while others find that a few sessions are all they need. If you have a specific event coming up, I’ll help you polish your content and delivery skills so that when the day comes, you’ll shine with confidence and competence.

Writing, Editing & Plain Language Services

Lucinda Atwood Communication offers writing, editing and Plain Language services for all types of documents. Please contact for further details.



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