What’s more important than goals? Enjoying the pursuit.
In my work I meet a lot of people in transit—people on their way to becoming the best version of
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Public Speaking Basics
 1. Know your audience. Who are you talking to? What do they need and want to know? What do they already know?
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Casual Negativity or Mindful Positivity
A student introduced me to a simple group game last Saturday. We passed slips of paper around in a circle;
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Speakers Toolkit (emergency version)
Maybe you have to speak in a meeting, lead a workshop, or present to a crowd; whatever the reason, here
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Speakers Toolkit: How to give great speeches & presentations
Being nervous when you have to give a presentation is normal—even experienced speakers break a sweat. Two things will help calm
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Self-Control: The secret to successful speaking & listening
Technology allows us to communicate faster, more frequently, and to a wider audience. But who’s listening? The more we communicate,
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Adding Silence: How to improve workshops, speeches & conversations
Silence is like flipflops for the brain; it helps us slow down and relax. Consider these 5 reasons to include
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Personal Anecdotes: 6 Pro Tips for teachers, trainers, speakers and leaders
I was the wittiest teacher in town until that day. Mid-joke, I suddenly realized that my students laugh because I
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About Me

Hi I’m Lucinda; coach, writer and speaker. I help people communicate effectively and successfully. This means that I can teach you how to communicate well, or do it for you.

I coach clients in speaking, leadership & communication skills. I also offer writing, editing and Plain Language services. When time allows, I write, mostly about communication and leadership. In my spare time I dance, paint, and explore the Pacific Northwest where I live with my family but sadly, no dogs.

You can find me @LucindaAtwood on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.