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Speaking skills that improve your relationships and career.

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Communication skills that help you lead more effectively.

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Writing your readers can easily understand.

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Feel comfortable and coherent in discussions and conversations.

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Teaching skills that improve your workshops & presentations.

Peaceful Parenting

For a calmer, more enjoyable family life.

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About Lucinda

Lucinda Atwood, M.A. is an expert communicator and master teacher. Over 25 years of professional experience as a communicator, consultant and teacher has honed her skills and given her a deep understanding of the benefits and importance of skillful communication. She now dedicates her work to positive communication—teaching clients how to communicate effectively, successfully and respectfully in the workplace and personal communities.

About her work, Lucinda says, “Imagine being able to speak well—and without nerves—in any situation. You know what to say and how to say it. Imagine feeling comfortable in interviews, conversations, presentations… even in difficult situations such as disagreements and giving or receiving negative feedback. Imagine peaceful, loving relationships with your family—even with toddlers and teens! This is all possible when you develop effective positive communication skills.

“I help clients uncover and strengthen their natural communication skills and style. When you build on what’s natural, your communication feels authentic and your skills develop quickly. As your communication skills improve, you become more confident. Confidence makes you even more effective. It becomes an upward spiral.”



Communication Coaching & Workshops

I coach clients as they develop their speaking, presentation and leadership communication skills. I present tips & strategies, walk you through the ‘getting comfortable’ part of public speaking, and help you practice your skills. If you have a specific event coming up, together we’ll perfect both the content and your presentation skills.

Each session or workshop is custom designed to meet your unique needs. For workshop and coaching content, pricing and other details, please contact

Writing Workshops

Get your team’s writing and Plain Language skills up to date. Bring what you’re working on and practice clear, effective writing that’s easy for your readers to understand and use. Learn what to include and how to organize it, how to choose the right style and tone, how to format your document to help your reader, and how to quickly and easily user test your writing. For workshop outlines and details, please contact

Keynote Speaking

An accomplished and experienced master speaker, Lucinda presents keynote speeches at conferences and other events. She educates as she entertains, leaving audiences informed and inspired. Each speech is tailored to the audience’s specific needs and interests. For booking details, please contact

Writing, Editing & Plain Language Services

Lucinda Atwood Communication offers writing, editing and Plain Language services for all types of documents. Whether it’s a manual, publication or blog post, LAC makes your content clear and effective. Please contact for further details.


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