This site is all about writing and public speaking skills, communication thinking, and the theory and practice of teaching.

I teach people how to write and speak well. This site extends my reach beyond classes and workshops so that everyone can learn to communicate well. Writing and public speaking are easy-to-learn skills that vastly improve your career, education and relationships—even your love life!

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About Me

Still here, huh? Ok, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I love language. I’m from a family of writers that includes Catherine Parr Traill, Susanna Moodie and a multitude whose names I can’t drop. I read constantly and delight in wordplay, especially cryptic crosswords.

Words are central to my work, which focuses on communication skills. I teach and write about the power of communication and how it can improve our world and our lives. Words and body language are a huge part of life—we use them to express, create and interact. They affect what and how we learn, our careers, and perhaps most important of all, our relationships. The ability to speak and write well is a significant advantage.

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years. I have decades of experience presenting and receiving ideas, information and feedback. I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t, studied how people listen and learn, and learned how to communicate effectively. I am able to clarify and present information in a way each audience can easily understand and use. I take those skills outside the classroom to my writing and consulting work.

Outside of work, words are still a focus. I continually develop my speaking skills, and enjoy giving back by mentoring nascent speakers. It’s gratifying to watch someone’s confidence build as their expertise expands.

Public speaking is actually a lot of fun once you stop frightening yourself. We’re all natural speakers; the secret is finding your style. Trying to be what you’re not (and worrying what other people think of you) is what brings anxiety. Be yourself, present your content in a way that your audience can easily understand and use, and keep it brief. You’ll do fine!

Mine is a world of words, so it’s probably no surprise that I relax by listening to instrumental jazz, photographing serene landscapes, making abstract paintings, yoga-ing (noun needs a verb), and possibly most cliched of all, taking long walks by the beach. I also write about spirit and occasionally about food.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you found the site useful.