What I've Learned

by Lucinda Atwood

What I've Learned

by Lucinda Atwood

These are the stories, reflections and insights of a lifelong learner—lessons learned and discoveries made. Being a teacher by profession and nature, I’m moved to share what I’ve learned. My aim is to entertain, educate and maybe even inspire you.

All the images on this site are mine. If you don’t feel like reading or listening, please just enjoy the pretty pictures. (You can see more photos like these on my instagram.)


Peace Garden

Gardeners say if you plant enough flowers they’ll crowd out the weeds. I believe that happiness crowds out negativity and hate. Happiness stems from a sense of agency and abundance in our life—when we feel abundant and empowered, we’re likely to be happy. When we’re happy, we’re more likely to be generous with others. And […]

Self-Control: The secret to successful speaking & listening

Technology allows us to communicate faster, more frequently, and to a wider audience. But who’s listening? The more we communicate, the harder it is to listen well—to focus on one person and their words. This is where self-control comes in. Being able to pause yourself and focus on the speaker and improves your understanding but […]

Kids and Swearing: How to get the little ones to stop talking sh*t

Ahh the power of words: to inspire, teach and offend. Nothing beats the precision of a well-placed profanity, but swearing is like hot sauce—a little goes a long way. I hate hearing kids curse. Although it’s a natural part of their development, swearing is a harsh reminder of lost innocence, especially when it’s your own kid. I […]

Empathy Self Test

Empathy is a cornerstone of relationships. When we speak and listen with empathy others feel heard and respected, relationships improve, and we positively influence others. Self-test: Do you speak and listen with empathy? When talking: Do your words add to your listener’s life—are you giving them a gift, or dumping emotional waste? Are your words constructive […]

Are You an Interrupting Cow? How to be a better listener, and more popular too

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Interrupting Cow. Interrupting Cow wh– Moo! Are you an interrupting cow? How often do you allow a pause after someone’s finished speaking? Be honest, how often do you let people finish speaking? Interrupting is such a deeply ingrained habit for some that we don’t even notice when we do it. Kicking that habit […]


Hi. I’m Lucinda, a teacher whose learning will never end. I hope to inspire you to have a great life and make the world a wonderful place.

On the personal side, I’m sporty, outdoorsy and hilarious. 

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