It's Simple

You deserve happiness

It's Simple

You deserve happiness

You can start being happier today. You don’t need fame, fortune, or a thigh gap—you can be happy just the way you are. Simple strategies and practices will help you increase your happiness. 

And then if you still want fame, fortune or a thigh gap, you’re more likely to succeed. Research shows that happiness leads to success, not the other way around.

Current research also shows that:

  1. Being happy improves your career. You’re more likely to get the job, get promoted and be seen as a leader.
  2. Being happy helps others become happier, which helps the people around them become happier. It’s a positive cycle that decreases violence.
  3. Happiness is not related to wealth or status. A year after their life-changing event, guess who’s happier—quadriplegics or lottery winners? (Hint: it’s not the lottery winners.)

I teach people how to be happy. Here you’ll find articles, podcasts and lessons based on practical experience and backed by research.

So take a look around. I hope what you find makes you happy.

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Hi! I’m Lucinda, a master teacher who’s serious about happiness.

My background includes several careers, many employers and constant creativity. But no matter what I did, I always taught. I love teaching! And I’m good at it. Over 30 years I’ve taught at universities, colleges, private schools, workplaces and community centers. I’ve taught athletes, teachers, businesspeople, immigrants, designers, first responders, seniors, babies and stroke survivors.

I’ve had lots of experience and met many people. But only a few were truly happy. The happy people I met didn’t have much in common—some were rich, some were poor, some had great health, some were sick. But they all shared one thing: a commitment to happiness.

Current research matches my experience. It shows that happiness is an attitude, not a goal. It’s a way of going through life, a choice we make every day. Happiness does not come from achievements or money—it’s independent of health, wealth or status.

I taught myself to be happy. It took years, lots of research and tons of work. And now that I’m truly happy, I want to share this gift.

So I started teaching people how to be happy. Now I want to teach you.

Like throwing a pebble in an ocean, these actions expand. If you learn how to be happy you’ll influence the people around you, and they can learn how to be happier. Then they’ll influence the people around them. And so on.

Together we can create an ocean of joy that contributes to world peace. And have a great time doing it.

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