Lucinda Atwood

Educator, Writer, Artist

Lucinda Atwood

Educator, Writer, Artist​


Lucinda is a master teacher renowned for wholehearted, inclusive teaching. She supports learners with innovative curriculum based on current neuroscience and learning research, using digital technology best practices.   

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Lucinda's reverence for nature is reflected in stunning landscapes and close-up investigations of the living world. Trained in fine art and commercial photography, Lucinda's photos showcase her creativity and technical skill.

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Currently working with paint on canvas, Lucinda paints abstracts and abstracted objects. She has previously worked in steel and copper sculpture.

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Hi. I’m Lucinda, a teacher and lifelong learner. I’m happiest outdoors, exploring this incredible place I’m lucky enough to call home. I believe in creating an empathetic, inclusive world built on economies of sharing and caring.

If you want to contact me, please connect through Instagram or LinkedIn.

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