Lucinda Atwood

Master Teacher

Lucinda Atwood

Master Teacher

I’m a master teacher committed to active, practical learning. I teach the skills and practices necessary for success in information-rich, team-based enterprises: communication, leadership, self-management and career advancement. 

Below you’ll see my blog on communication, happiness, teaching and learning. To get there you’ll scroll past my Instagram feed. It’s the beauty I see in my world. I’m constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and humans.

If you want to contact me, please connect through LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Shame Waves: Surfing to Success

You just gave the best performance ever. You were calm, confident and engaging. The audience loved you! But then you sit down. Flooded with adrenaline, your brain works quickly, evaluating your performance—your dreadful, awful performance. In high resolution, your brain replays the errors, the omissions, the failures. Moments ago you were proud, now you’re embarrassed.  […]

How to answer unexpected questions (sounding smart and confident)

Have you ever wondered how to give strong, confident answers to unexpected questions? Speaking without preparation is called impromptu speaking. We do it in conversations, meetings and interviews. If you don’t know what to say, impromptu speaking can be scary, and an opportunity to embarrass yourself. But don’t panic! Just use the BRAC method to […]

Public Speaking Basics: Building confidence and competence

Most of us fear public speaking more than we fear death. Which is ironic because it’s an easy-to-learn skill that can greatly improve your life. Strong speaking skills will enhance your career, education and relationships — almost every aspect of your life. So why do many people never learn? Because they don’t know where to […]

Public Speaking Basics

Most people fear public speaking but it’s surprisingly easy to learn. Follow these tips—and practice 10 times—and you’ll look and sound professional. Good luck! (Learn how to master your Shame Wave too.) 1. Know your audience. Who are you talking to? What do they need and want to know? What do they already know? 2. Accept that […]

Personal Anecdotes: 6 Pro Tips

I was the wittiest teacher in town until that day. Mid-joke, I suddenly realized that my students laugh because I control their grades. Damn. I shut my mouth and got serious about my job. Which isn’t to say I’m solemn now—keeping things light helps learning, and personal anecdotes add depth to speeches. But my job is to […]

Teenagers: 15 Tips for Peaceful Communication

Sometimes it seems that all teens do is communicate—texting, instagramming, facetiming. But when adults try to talk to teens, both sides often end up frustrated, annoyed or bewildered. How can we bridge this gap? First, Understand your Audience Consider what it is to be teenaged. Teens are in transition between childhood and adulthood. They look […]

Layout Basics: Making your document attractive & usable

Effective layout and formatting make documents easier to scan, read and use. Effective document layout improves your reader’s first impression of the document, expectations, ability to quickly and easily find what they need; and their ability to use what they found. 7 Steps to Clear, Useful Documents Write and edit your content. Then review your document, looking […]

Kids and Swearing: How to get the little ones to stop talking sh*t

Ahh the power of words: to inspire, teach and offend. Nothing beats the precision of a well-placed profanity, but swearing is like hot sauce—a little goes a long way. I hate hearing kids curse. Although it’s a natural part of their development, swearing is a harsh reminder of lost innocence, especially when it’s your own kid. I […]

Subject Lines: Explicit is good when you’re writing email

Clear, precise language in email subject lines increase the chance that people will read and respond to your message. Specific subject lines help readers understand: What you want If they can help you—was this sent to the right person; do they have an answer? What priority to give your message—how important and time-sensitive is this? How […]


Hi. I’m Lucinda, a Master Teacher. I teach professional communication, self-management and employability skills. I’m an Active Learning practitioner, educating through engagement, iterative practical experience and growth-oriented feedback, with thousands of successful students.

I have 20+ years of professional experience in UX, design and production for business communication and educational technology. I’ve worked with start-ups, corporations, educational institutions and government agencies. I’m expert at needs assessment, solution design and development, evaluation and continuous improvement.

On the personal side, I’m sporty, outdoorsy and hilarious.

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