Lucinda Atwood

Communication & Confidence.
Lucinda Atwood

Lucinda Atwood

Communication & Confidence.

Communication & Confidence.

Imagine being able to improve your life, your career… maybe even the world. You don’t need superpowers, just communication skills and confidence.

Strong communication skills improve your career and personal life. Imagine knowing what to say and how to say it in every situation. Imagine being comfortable and effective in interviews and professional situations, at social events, when saying no, even when speaking to yourself. Being able to communicate effectively lets you share your strengths, learn and grow, improve your relationships, maintain healthy boundaries, and lead others.

I invite you to work with me, building and strengthening your communication skills. Feel the rush of confidence, the joy of clarity, and power of self-respect. Follow me on LinkedIn, read the blog posts here, or contact me about a workshop.

Developing Confidence: Swimming Upstream

“I’m not scared of public speaking, it’s doing it in front of people that terrifies me.” (One of my students) I... Read More "Developing Confidence: Swimming Upstream"

Shame Waves: Surfing to Success

You just gave the best performance ever. You were calm, confident and engaging. The audience loved you! But then you sit... Read More "Shame Waves: Surfing to Success"

How to answer unexpected questions (sounding smart and confident)

Have you ever wondered how to give strong, confident answers to unexpected questions? Speaking without preparation is called impromptu speaking. We... Read More "How to answer unexpected questions (sounding smart and confident)"

Saying No: A beginner’s guide

No, non, nada, nyet—how we say no in different languages. Nein is the German word for no. Nein sounds the same... Read More "Saying No: A beginner’s guide"

Public Speaking Basics for Presenters

Most people fear public speaking but it's surprisingly easy to learn. Follow these tips—and practice 10 times—and you'll look and sound... Read More "Public Speaking Basics for Presenters"

Casual Negativity or Mindful Positivity

A young friend introduced me to this simple group game last Saturday. We passed slips of paper around in a circle;... Read More "Casual Negativity or Mindful Positivity"

Self-Control: The secret to successful speaking & listening

Technology allows us to communicate faster, more frequently, and to a wider audience. But who's listening? The more we communicate, the... Read More "Self-Control: The secret to successful speaking & listening"

Personal Anecdotes: 6 Pro Tips

I was the wittiest teacher in town until that day. Mid-joke, I suddenly realized that my students laugh because I control their... Read More "Personal Anecdotes: 6 Pro Tips"

Teenagers: 15 Tips for Peaceful Communication

Sometimes it seems that all teens do is communicate—text, social media, facetime. But when adults try to talk to teens, both... Read More "Teenagers: 15 Tips for Peaceful Communication"

Personal, Active & Brief

We pay more attention when someone speaks directly to us. Salespeople know that, so do good writers, speakers, teachers and leaders.... Read More "Personal, Active & Brief"

Subject Lines: Explicit is good

Clear, precise language in email subject lines increase the chance that people will read and respond to your message. Specific subject lines... Read More "Subject Lines: Explicit is good"

Be Precise: 3 tips for powerful speaking & writing

Precise language is efficient and effective. Here are 3 ways to be more precise: 1. Avoid Adjectives and try not to use... Read More "Be Precise: 3 tips for powerful speaking & writing"

Empathy Self Test

Empathy is a cornerstone of relationships. When we speak and listen with empathy others feel heard and respected, relationships improve, and... Read More "Empathy Self Test"

Complaining: Committed vs Uncommitted

Committed complaining: have you heard of it? The idea is that we complain in two ways: committed or uncommitted to fixing... Read More "Complaining: Committed vs Uncommitted"

Beyond No! Communicating with Toddlers

Communicating with two-year-olds can be frustrating. They're passionate, stubborn and likely to bite. But it doesn't have to be this way—spending... Read More "Beyond No! Communicating with Toddlers"
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I create and deliver in-person and distributed learning programs that build communication skills and confidence for participants around the world.

Why Do I Do This?

So I decided to dedicate my work to teaching people how to communicate effectively. I’ve now created and delivered thousands of successful in-person and global learning programs. I also teach college, maintain a private coaching practice, and create content. Publications include textbooks on Public Speaking and Presenting for Professionals, The Confidence Manual, Communication Basics, and Professional Business Practice.

Outside of work you can find me up a mountain, on the water, or working on my pickleball game. Also cooking. A whole lot of cooking.

To connect please message me on Instagram.