Secrets to Successful Communication

Secrets to Successful Communication

The art of communication is the language of leadership. James Humes

Leaders need to speak and write well. No matter how brilliant you are, if we can’t understand you, your leadership fails. Plain Language can help you communicate skillfully and successfully.

What is Plain Language? Plain Language is an approach to speaking and writing that makes your message easy to understand and use. It’s about brief, efficient communication based on understanding your audience’s needs, knowing your goals and motivation, and being able to communicate clearly.

Plain Language:

  • Respects your audience
  • Respects your content
  • Uses words and media efficiently
  • Reduces workloads, resource use, mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Improves relationships—business and personal
  • Helps you to think clearly and communicate successfully

5 Secrets of Skillful Communicators 

  1. They know their audience’s needs and wants.
  2. They know their own purpose; what they want the audience to know, do or learn.
  3. They are as brief as possible. They don’t flatter themselves 😉
  4. They use short, active sentences, common words and a positive tone.
  5. They write and speak in a way their audience can easily understand.

When you communicate plainly and clearly, your message shines through, instructions are easy to follow, and your skill becomes apparent. Your audiences appreciate your respect for their time and energy, and are more likely to succeed. This is leadership.


Lucinda Atwood is a master teacher who is serious about happiness. She taught herself how to be happy, and wants to share that gift with you.
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