Be Precise: 3 tips for powerful speaking & writing

Be Precise: 3 tips for powerful speaking & writing

Precise language is efficient and effective. Here are 3 ways to be more precise:

1. Avoid Adjectives and try not to use words like very and really. Use strong, clear words verbs and nouns instead. For example:

  • I was livid is shorter and stronger than I was really mad.
  • It’s a 7-day walk is more precise than It’s very far away.
  • He sprinted is easier to visualize than He ran fast.

2. Include specific details and examples that support and clarify.

3. Remove Useless Words. Is every word necessary? What words can you remove without affecting the meaning?

When your language is precise, it’s efficient and effective. People are more likely to listen and understand.


Lucinda Atwood is a master teacher who is serious about happiness. She taught herself how to be happy, and wants to share that gift with you.
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