Beyond No! Communicating with Toddlers
Communicating with two-year-olds can be frustrating. They’re passionate and stubborn, as likely to bite as to speak. But it doesn’t
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Attractive & Efficient: Is your infographic successful?
An infographic is a magical combination of words and images that together convey information more efficiently than just text. Done well,
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Are You an Interrupting Cow? How to be a better listener, and more popular too
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Interrupting Cow. Interrupting Cow wh– Moo! Are you an interrupting cow? How often do you allow a pause
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Apostrophes, Contractions And Plurals (Oh My)
Apostrophes are running wild. They’re often used incorrectly or absent when needed. Some writers seem to insert them randomly, as
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Activate Your Verbs!
Active verbs make speaking and writing clear, efficient, and more interesting. Active verbs are usually easier to understand, which is important
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7 Swift Steps To Better Communication
Identify your goal—what exactly do you want your audience to know or do? Identify your audience—who are they, what do
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Promising Useful Content: 5-second cheatsheet
No one reads anymore. We scan a website or document, deciding in about 5 seconds if it merits attention. Does Your
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4 Wrong Reasons to Communicate
There’s a great acronym that makes me look smart and wise. It’s WAIT, and stands for Why Am I Talking? What
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4 Traits of Successful Speakers, Leaders & Conversationalists
I recently attended a speech contest. Despite a variety of styles and personalities, the best speakers shared four traits: 1.
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About Me

Hi I’m Lucinda; teacher, writer and speaker. I have a Masters in Learning and Technology, and over 20 years of professional experience as a designer, developer, consultant and teacher in the fields of communication and education.

I’m fascinated by how we communicate—our motivations, skills and strategies. I study where our words come from, and how we express ourselves with voice and body. The articles on this site are a mixture of communication topics: some are informative, teaching the reader public speaking skills or how to format a document. Other articles are more reflective, discussing ideas like empathy, active listening, or the power of words. Ideally all the articles include easy ways to increase peace in our world.

You can contact me on Twitter @lucindaatwood.