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The Secret to Wealth
The Secret to Wealth

The Secret to Wealth

“Get awed on a regular basis, so that getting awed is habitual and becomes a state of being.” Nick Cave

Going through life with a sense of awe is a gift to yourself — and saves money. When you’re able to be stopped in your tracks by a beautiful blooming dandelion, you don’t need bigger, better, brightest. You don’t need to travel the world for new sensations and astonishment — you can find them in your own backyard.

The difference is attitude. Instead of seeking to be awed, we can practice being awed. It’s a combination of the senses and the brain — look, listen, touch, taste and smell your environment. Marvel at what nature and humans can do.

For example, I still get excited about electricity. Imagine living without electricity. What a difference!

Or nature. If you’ve glanced at my Instagram you know I’m thrilled by flowers. They’re just the coolest thing — from this tiny little seed, an entire plant can grow. How cool is that?

Or people. They can thrill you with a touch. Their beautiful song can make you cry. They can break your heart open with love or joy.

Living with a sense of awe enriches your life like no material things ever can. So give yourself the gift of practicing awe. Stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively. (Yellow ones smell the best.) 

  • Reflect on what adds joy to your life
  • Appreciate what adds comfort and ease (like electricity)
  • Honor the things and people that feed your heart

Want abundance? Appreciate what’s already here.