Change Your Words, Change Your Worldview
Cleaning some research files, I stumble across this evocative statement: The Social model of disability …the general term disability is applied
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You Might Like To…
A famous teacher and community leader (Thich Nhat Hanh) gives instructions framed as “You might like to…” What a transformative
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About Me

Hi I’m Lucinda; coach, writer and speaker. I help people communicate effectively and successfully. This means that I can teach you how to communicate well, or do it for you.

I coach clients in speaking, leadership & communication skills. I also offer writing, editing and Plain Language services. When time allows, I write, mostly about communication and leadership. In my spare time I dance, paint, and explore the Pacific Northwest where I live with my family but sadly, no dogs.

You can find me @LucindaAtwood on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.