4 Traits of Successful Speakers, Leaders & Conversationalists
I recently attended a speech contest. Despite a variety of styles and personalities, the best speakers shared four traits: 1.
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4 Questions To Stop Asking
1. Are You Sure? This negates everything the speaker just said, which is rude and hurtful. You might ask this question
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3 Great Speaking Tips (and my dad for free)
You know how, um, like, the kids talk these days? Sadly, it’s not just kids—many of us undermine ourselves with
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Business Writing Success: A quick & easy method
Is writing at work a challenge? You want to seem professional and competent but with so many other tasks competing
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18 Words At A Time: How to talk so kids will listen (and possibly do what you ask)
This post will help you talk clearly and kindly to the kids in your life. You’ll learn how to stay
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The Power of Words
My heart broke as I watched a young dad yelling at his crying two-year-old. I wanted to swoop in, rescue
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Change Your Words, Change Your Worldview
Cleaning some research files, I stumble across this evocative statement: The Social model of disability …the general term disability is applied
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