Conversation Skills: Are you sharing or monopolizing?
Sitting in a coffee shop listening to two women talk over each other, I am reminded of that apt analogy
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Teaching & Training Skills: How to present information
I once had a prof who was a total geek; she loved her subject so much that she overwhelmed us with
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Complaining: Committed vs Uncommitted
Committed complaining: have you heard of it? The idea is that we complain in two ways: committed or uncommitted to
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How to Write Clear Instructions: 6 easy steps
Use lists where possible. Use a separate point or sentence for each action. Make the text large enough for visually
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Clear Writing for Teachers: 7 Items to Include in Course Descriptions
The basis of good teaching is clear communication; telling your participants what they need and want to know in a
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Teaching & Training Tips: Successful assignment briefs
Good for you. You started your course or program by telling everyone what they need to know about the course,
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Clear Writing for Schools: Communicating with your Student Body
I’ve attended several post-secondary institutions. All were wonderful places, run by motivated, caring administrators, but most failed at providing information.
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Secrets to Successful Communication
The art of communication is the language of leadership. James Humes Leaders need to speak and write well. No matter
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Communication Skills for Creative Professionals: How to attract & manage clients 
You’re not a writer and never claimed to be one. You’re a designer, artist or developer. Your clients hire you
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Hi I’m Lucinda; coach, writer and speaker. I help people communicate effectively and successfully. This means that I can teach you how to communicate well, or do it for you.

I coach clients in speaking, leadership & communication skills. I also offer writing, editing and Plain Language services. When time allows, I write, mostly about communication and leadership. In my spare time I dance, paint, and explore the Pacific Northwest where I live with my family but sadly, no dogs.

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