How to Write Clear Instructions: 6 easy steps
Use lists where possible. Use a separate point or sentence for each action. Make the text large enough for visually
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Clear Writing for Teachers: 7 Items to Include in Course Descriptions
The basis of good teaching is clear communication; telling your participants what they need and want to know in a
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Teaching & Training Tips: Successful assignment briefs
Good for you. You started your course or program by telling everyone what they need to know about the course,
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Clear Writing for Schools: Communicating with your Student Body
I’ve attended several post-secondary institutions. All were wonderful places, run by motivated, caring administrators, but most failed at providing information.
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Secrets to Successful Communication
The art of communication is the language of leadership. James Humes Leaders need to speak and write well. No matter
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Communication Skills for Creative Professionals: How to attract & manage clients 
You’re not a writer and never claimed to be one. You’re a designer, artist or developer. Your clients hire you
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Is Your Document Clear? A Checklist
This is a brief checklist to help you make sure that your document is easy, enjoyable, and rewarding to use. Layout—does
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Attract Your Audience with Powerful Titles
Good headings describe the contents of your presentation or document; great headings also entice your audience. I once read an
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Plain Language: Can You Draw A Picture Of Your Sentence?
In the quest for clarity, I’ve devised a simple test: Can you draw a picture of it? If you can easily
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About Me

Hi I’m Lucinda; teacher, writer and speaker. I have a Masters in Learning and Technology, and over 20 years of professional experience as a designer, developer, consultant and teacher in the fields of communication and education.

I’m fascinated by how we communicate—our motivations, skills and strategies. I study where our words come from, and how we express ourselves with voice and body. The articles on this site are a mixture of communication topics: some are informative, teaching the reader public speaking skills or how to format a document. Other articles are more reflective, discussing ideas like empathy, active listening, or the power of words. Ideally all the articles include easy ways to increase peace in our world.

You can contact me on Twitter @lucindaatwood.