Personal, Active & Brief
We pay more attention when someone speaks directly to us. Salespeople know that, so do good writers, speakers, teachers and
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Layout Basics: Making your document attractive & usable
Effective layout and formatting make documents easier to scan, read and use. Effective document layout improves your reader’s first impression
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Kids and Swearing: How to get the little ones to stop talking sh*t
Ahh the power of words: to inspire, teach and offend. Nothing beats the precision of a well-placed profanity, but swearing is
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How to Add Emphasis: 4 tips for powerful speaking & writing
Precise language is a powerful instrument for leaders, teachers, and other effective communicators. When language is precise, it’s efficient and effective.
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Empathy Self Test
Empathy: identifying with someone else’s feelings or emotions. Empathy is a cornerstone of excellent leadership, teaching and parenting. When we listen
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Conversation Skills: Are you sharing or monopolizing?
Sitting in a coffee shop listening to two women talk over each other, I am reminded of that apt analogy
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Teaching & Training Skills: How to present information
I once had a prof who was a total geek; she loved her subject so much that she overwhelmed us with
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Complaining: Committed vs Uncommitted
Committed complaining: have you heard of it? The idea is that we complain in two ways: committed or uncommitted to
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About Me

Hi I’m Lucinda; teacher, writer and speaker. I have a Masters in Learning and Technology, and over 20 years of professional experience as a designer, developer, consultant and teacher in the fields of communication and education.

I’m fascinated by how we communicate—our motivations, skills and strategies. I study where our words come from, and how we express ourselves with voice and body. The articles on this site are a mixture of communication topics: some are informative, teaching the reader public speaking skills or how to format a document. Other articles are more reflective, discussing ideas like empathy, active listening, or the power of words. Ideally all the articles include easy ways to increase peace in our world.

You can contact me on Twitter @lucindaatwood.