Attractive & Efficient: Is your infographic successful?

An infographic is a magical combination of words and images that together convey information more efficiently than just text. Done well, infographics save your reader time and energy. But beware—infographics are harder to make than you might think. Unsuccessful infographics might be nothing more than harmlessly decorated text, where the images don’t add much to the content, but bad infographics can confuse and alienate your reader. Here’s a quick test:

Is Your Infographic Successful? A 3-Second Test 

Ask 3-5 people typical of your reader to look at your infographic. Then ask them:

  1. Is it visually appealing?
  2. Is it easy to understand?
  3. Does it provide more insight than text alone?

If your infographic will be published, or is part of an important document or presentation, I recommend working with a professional designer. Doing so will save you time, make you look good, and help the reader recognize your brilliance. And isn’t that what you really want?


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Lucinda Atwood is a master teacher and coach who makes learning public speaking fun and easy. (Yes, it's possible.) She's a Communication Consultant based in beautiful Vancouver Canada.
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